View Full Version : Looking for 3D Modelers for Game Collaboration

02-02-2012, 09:11 PM
I'm a LW dinosaur coming back into the scene after a couple of years.

I am interested in finding one or more LW Modelers/ UVtexture Mappers who are skilled at low-poly modeling.

I want to put together a small team to collaborate on art assets for a humorous game that we would sell for iPhone/iPad/Nook/Android.

This would be an unpaid project done for fun until revenue is generated from the release of the game. The profits would be split evenly between team members, as long as each member delivers an equitable amount of work.

The game would have a stylized cartoony look, and would be programmed in Unity 3D. Information about game details will be provided to interested parties who submit a non-disclosure form.

NOTE: If anyone could recommend a talented concept artist who would be interested in working on spec with the rest of us, I would be very grateful for the referral.