View Full Version : A call for Enhanced Europe Marketing of Lightwave

02-01-2012, 08:52 AM
Most likely this has been asked for many times before.

I can only give some feedback on what I see on swedish forums, swedish internet news etc.

The information of the pre-release of lightwave 11
in some major cg news like..cap & design was too poor, missing out some new features and generally poor in attraction.
Same in Idg a major online computer forum, wich in fact had the same author of the article.

I actually wrote him and told him that the presentation was quite poorly done.
Sadly the same author is published in different forums, and that it a bad cover and marketing wich gives a very dull presentation of Lightwave.

Now this might be out of control for Newtek, but if they had a chance, they should write a better release info theirself and distribute to some major forums in different countries, and that would take some time and work for market department to do.

Retailers..like lanlink in sweden..wich I bought from, still only has lightwave 10 on display, and not on any good front page,maybe their awaiting the final release.



02-01-2012, 12:08 PM
LW has easily the worst marketing of all 3d programs in Europe. Blender, C4D, Maya and Max everyone knows. LW not so much. Pretty sad.

02-01-2012, 12:49 PM
"Lightwave is crap and can't do that" a fellow 3d associate cinema 4d user said to me. Then after seeing what lightwave could do once I showed him he was surprised and never uttered a bad word again. That attidude is mainly because Lightwave has zero visible marketing presence here in the UK and I presume all of Europe. It is mainly Cinema4d, Maya and 3D Studio Max which is known here and a bit of Softimage and Blender. Lightwave 11 looks like a good upgrade over previous versions for a long while and Newtek should market the **** out of it.