View Full Version : Importing Lightwave endomorph data into Vue Esprit 10

01-30-2012, 06:24 AM
I have a scene of a deer in the woods. The forest was created and rendered in Vue Esprit and used as a frontal projection map in LW adding the deer animated using Endomorphs. The resulting comp looks OK as stills, but when animated...

What I need are all objects in the same scene to maintain perspective and proper position with respect to the camera's movement, so I imported the deer into Vue Esprit. Looks good but can only be animated along an X Y Z or rotation axises.

Is it possible to import the Endomorph data, or should I just get the Vue Exporter pack and stay within Lightwave? Time is of the essence. I need the quickest method.


01-30-2012, 07:39 PM
I think Vue Infinite and XStream allow you to import an .mdd file (basically, the position data for all the points in an object on every frame), but that won't help you in Esprit.

If you can some how get the same camera animation in both apps, you could render the Vue background as an image sequence and use that in LW in the same way you're doing it now. If the cameras match, it should work. Unfortunately, I don't know how to move camera data from LW to Esprit or from Esprit to LW, because I don't have Esprit.

02-02-2012, 10:47 PM
Using the Vue background as an image sequence is how I first started. I matched the camera move as close as possible, but the foreground LW deer (and the grass it is eating) had some slip and slide. I covered the error with some brush material close to the camera, but I still didn't like it.

What I ended up doing was instead of using the Vue forest as a projection image for the backdrop and ground plane the deer stands on, I rendered out in Vue the forest floor and the forest background seperately and planar image mapped them on flat polys. It worked better than expected.

I know XStreme or Infinite is the way to go for tight intergration with LW, but I can't justify the cost right now.

02-03-2012, 02:09 PM
You could have also rendered the vue shot as a static camera and used front projection mapping in LW either projected from a static camera or by using the sticky front projection option in the front projection texture options. You might have to use a separate camera for the projection if the moving camera moves or rotates off the original plate.

I'm glad you found a solution. :)

02-15-2012, 09:56 PM
Scene is a POV of a character not seen. The character's head looks left so the camera pans in that direction, so there is not fixed camera position and made for my problem. THe image mapped polies work quite well, but I will do some further experimentation with a workflow between LW and VE. One of the things' I've learned is VUE does not render animations in sequencial formats. Nor can one import an image sequence to be used as a background.
I suppose this is why the import export modules are the way to go, but Ecosystems are not exportable,