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01-29-2012, 11:51 AM

In other programs such as Maya and Cinema4D, it's quite normal to add a HDRI map on a huge sphere through the lumnosity slot. However, LW doesn't seem to handle this in a similar way. In other programs the lumnosity will controll the strenght of the image, through making it shine alot more or, darken it. In LW it seems to turn the entire image whiteish, and doesn't give off any reflection.

So, im curiouse what a good workflow for setting up a HDRI in LW is? Any tips surrounding HDRi rendering (including animation making) warm welcomed!

Just adding a HDRI through the regular effects environmental map, seems to be the way to go?

PS, how do you guys handle animations with alot of reflections, and refl blur. Just knock it into a huge render farm? I usually get rendertimes upto 100+ hours.

Also I've had experience where it's hard for the render farm to locate the radiosity file, and it rebakes the radiosity through each scene.

I read that you can manually set the path for the radiosity, but I lost the thread, and I dont remember how you did that.

Cheerio! Sorry for the messy question.

God bless!

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Awesome! Thanks Dexter! =)