View Full Version : TriCaster™ Rev. 4 Software Update Now Available for Free Download

01-27-2012, 02:46 PM
The breakthrough TriCaster™ Rev. 4 software update is now available for free download. Visit http://register.newtek.com now and level up your TriCaster 850 series, TriCaster 450 series or TriCaster 300 system with the latest version of TriCaster software, featuring cutting-edge innovations and enhancements like:

Better Integration
Over-the-network 3Play™ support – utilize 3Play 820 (running Rev 2) or 3Play 425 outputs as live sources, without taking up a video input...

Better Video
Enhancements to HD to SD conversion, Apple® AirPlay®, recording, DDRs, iVGA™ for Mac®, media support and much more...

Better Audio
High-quality 96kHz audio, VU metering, audio mixing and much more...

Better Streaming
Refined streaming audio and video quality, support for mobile devices, and much more...

Please review the README for all of the details. Also included in this release is special support from Livestream with an optimized plug-in for simple, high-quality live streaming through Livestream.com, with support for multi-bitrate streaming and mobile devices. This is your advanced notice – be the first to set a new standard for TriCaster live production!

TriCaster Rev. 4 software update:
Download Now (http://register.newtek.com)

Note: To download this “Latest” version of TriCaster software, not yet available in shipping systems, visit the My Downloads section of your personal registration page at http://register.newtek.com. Access your personal registration page by selecting Update TriCaster from the TriCaster Utilities menu on your system and choosing Registration from the Customer Care drop-down menu at the top of the browser, or by visiting http://register.newtek.com (http://register.newtek.com)from another computer.