View Full Version : Where can I find Yochiro's Mirror Weights

03-02-2003, 02:10 PM
Hi, I checked on flay.com and Yochiro's site appears to be off line. Is there somewhere else I could download it? or could someone email it to me? Thanks

03-03-2003, 04:16 PM
I have a copy of it if you want. Just send me an email and I'll get it to you.

[email protected]

03-03-2003, 08:52 PM
Maybe you could post it somewhere for download. I've been looking for it too (for 3 weeks :( )

03-03-2003, 09:25 PM
here ya go! I'll keep it there for a while. hope Yoichiro is cool w/ it

Yoichiro's Mirror Weights Plugin (http://shorton.phpwebhosting.com/files/yo_mirwgt110_intel.zip)

03-05-2003, 01:18 AM
thanks sam.. it worked great!!