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03-02-2003, 01:18 PM
Hi everyone...I'm new here, thought I'd say hello.

Listen everyone...was wondering...what PC you are using?

My kid is an Intel P4 2.8 custom made :

512 ram
Geforce 4 4600
Asus Motherboard with 533 fsb
DVD and CDR from LG
Monitor 17'

03-02-2003, 01:35 PM
Hi there :)

My comps a bit sucky.

Athlon XP 2000+
Geforce 3 (came out before they started with the MX and TI versions, i think its about the same as the top TI tho this cost more)
MSI Mobo
512Mb DDR 2100 Ram
120Gb 7200RPM IBM HD
Sony 8 Speed SCSI CDR (had it ages) with an Adaptec Bootable SCSI card.
Samsung DVD
19" Sony Trinitron Flatscreen CRT monitor.


03-02-2003, 01:51 PM
well...mine till a few days ago was a crappy PIII 600 with a geforce2 gts and 380 ram.it had the same cdroms with the one I have now.Then came a lightning...Poor thing died...left me his DVD and Cdr.RIP and God bless.I still miss you buddy!

03-06-2003, 11:33 AM
For our demo unit we are using
MSI K7D master with dual AMD 2000+
2G PC2100 ram
2 X 80 G system and storage drives
4 X 18Gb Seagate 10,000 rpm cheetahs (video)
MSI GF4 Ti4400 dual display card
Adaptec 29160 scsi card
Adaptec ieee1394 firewire

For our turnkeys we are using
SuperMicro X5DA8
Dual XEON E7505
Dual 3 Ghz Xeon Processors
MSI GeForce4 Ti4400 128 MB
Dual Display Video Card
2x 80 GB ATA133 Hard Drives
(System and Storage)
Pioneer A-05 DVD-RW
4 X 72 GB U320 SCSI
(hot swappable)
Hard Drives
Adaptec firewire
Newtek Toaster 2.0
Newtek SX-8 breakout box
FREE training tapes

and if I had the $$$ I'd have one of those for our demo unit

03-07-2003, 07:53 AM

DELL Dimension 8100
P4 1.3ghz 512mb RDRAM
GeForce4 ti4400 128mb
Soundblaster LIVE
19" Proview monitor

man, i'd love to have one of those 17' monitors!

Global Hawk
03-07-2003, 08:04 AM
Greetings Quicksilver

My beast is a Dual AMD Athlon XP 1.53 GHz
1024 MB RAM
Geforce 3, AGP4X, w/64MB
21" monitor

other than that it is just normal, CD, CD-RW, Zip, bla bla bla.


03-07-2003, 08:16 AM
P4, 1.8g's, 512 RDRAM, GF3Ti-200... YAWN... I feel like I'm driving Ms. Daisy....

03-07-2003, 03:00 PM
wow...impressive photo there videolink...!
Looks like the computer that Neo and Morpheus (from the "matrix") had on their ship!
Wayyyy cool man!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

03-08-2003, 12:57 AM
Thanks! We think we have got the best jobs....
we get to build the best, fastest computers going
and then put Toasters in them!

The modz are really a personal touch, everyones got different tastes, budgets and unique ideas.

We have done some water cooled systems too, but not a water cooled Toaster yet....Hey what a great idea

Igor....to the lab!


Alec Trevelyan
03-15-2003, 10:25 PM
as soon as it gets back from the shop...

Athlon MP [email protected] (going dual when I got the money!)
512MB DDR (gonna pick up another stick, again when i have the money!)
GF4 Ti4400
19" Samsung
17" Dell
Silver Chieftec Dragon Server Case
Creative SBLive! Sound Card

03-16-2003, 03:30 AM
well, mine is half sucky half great

850 athlon (going to dual 3+khz when i can afford)
640mbs ram (again more when i can)
20 gig hd ( " )
19" CTX Flatron (its screwed and need replacing again magnets are off line when i got it!)
14" IBM (old school)
GeForce 4600Ti
SBLive 5.1
nice 4.1 surround (loud)
THats all so far, plus some more whacky stuff
Firewire, lan, modems (two) neo style kebord (from a laptop!)


Alec Trevelyan
03-16-2003, 12:23 PM
3khz!:eek: makes me think of an ancient computer i saw recently, that had a sticker boasting its "48K of RAM!" :p

03-16-2003, 02:43 PM
Yeah, i mean 3Ghtz, duh... I still have 2 P166's if any one wants them, plus some 1gig hdds, also 24mbs of ram, 13.1"tft (anything else you want from a while ago!)