View Full Version : Tim Bucks good for LW8 upgrade?

10-17-2003, 11:36 PM
I'm ready to send in my upgrade order for LW8, but I need to know how to redeem my Tim Bucks. I live in Canada and have accumulated not one but three Tim Bucks $50.00 coupons. I have been frustrated in finding something that I need that I can use the coupons for. I'm sure I must be able to use them for purchases directly from Newtek. I just need to know how and if I can redeem for than one. I'm a long term LW owner but not an income producing business so every little bit helps in keeping up to date. Any ideas about how else to use my Tim Bucks if I can only use one for LW8, would be appreciated. Personally, all of these Tim Bucks were accumulated through purchases, so I feel I should be able to redeem them all. Any help would be appreciated. Personal replies can be posted to [email protected] I previously incorrectly posted this message in the LWUsersNews group (Sorry). So I'm re-posting it here.
Thanks, (LW3D forever!)

10-18-2003, 07:17 AM
Tim Bucks are always good for NewTek stuff :D Your local NewTek dealer should be able to help you - I don't think you have to specifically order from NewTek to redeem them...