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03-02-2003, 12:34 PM
Another attempt at a portrait :);



03-02-2003, 12:46 PM
wow... thast great! not havin been a huge fan of the original trek, im not all to familiar with the character. but i have seen it enough to know this realy does look like her. only thing i would suggest is that her face looks a little small in comparison to the rest of her head. besides that, nice render, nice model... great work.

03-02-2003, 02:03 PM
I AM a huge fan of the original Trek, and it looks great to me. My only crit would be that the clothes look a little like red velvet. It has a really cool look though.

Another beauty to add to your portfolio. Great work.


03-02-2003, 03:13 PM
That's GREAT ! :) ... wow... incredible ... ! :)

How many hours did you worked on this model ?

03-02-2003, 03:31 PM
WOW! Nice!

I hope you submit this one to the Newtek gallery. :)

03-02-2003, 04:49 PM



03-02-2003, 06:16 PM
Superb work Terry - well crafted and amazing textures! Wonderful relaxed pose and convincing clothing, too. Not to detract from a great piece of work but I wonder if the cheekbones need accentuating a little, and the thighs are just a wee bit too big? The hair is excellent - did you use Saslite?

03-02-2003, 06:46 PM
Thanks for the comments.

dddMan: probably about 20 hours, mostly doing the face - It's derived from a generic woman mesh I made a while ago.

robpauza: good call on the velvet. I think it might be because the wrinkles are too large giving the impression of heavier cloth. I'm not sure what the actual costumes were made of.

bobakabob: Hair was done with the full version of sasquatch, it looks OK at the distance shown but falls apart in closeups.

Alternate view, different lighting (still spinning lights though), and a different camera lens focal length;



03-02-2003, 09:26 PM
WOW! very nice work. Everything looks pretty good including the set.
post a wire!

03-02-2003, 09:42 PM
Awesome work Terry - the only thing I would crit is that her face seems more in the direction of her latter years on the Enterprise as she started to fill out - i.e. just prior to the era of the first motion picture - I think her face was a bit more slender in proportion in TOS series.

aside from that it's excellent work! :D

03-02-2003, 10:25 PM

I prefer the second pic`s lighting. The first somehow makes her look a bit severe.

You might want to rest the cuff on her wrist, if you`d rather not have the cardboard sleeve look :)

Splendid (that`s the only word for them!) thighs and good hair. It probably should look a bit `off` in close-up; she was undoubtedly in a wig!



03-03-2003, 02:07 AM
baby's got back!

Awesome work. You are a truly talented individual.

facial deluxe
03-03-2003, 02:26 AM
Wow, impressive !

03-03-2003, 05:30 AM
Astonishingly good! Possibly the best depiction of a specific person I have seen.

I really like the tights texture too - that detail must be right on the pixel size, so a real pig to make it look convincing.


03-03-2003, 06:12 AM



Alex Rooth
03-03-2003, 06:28 AM
Very nice work, Terry. Keep them coming : )



03-03-2003, 12:56 PM
Hey Terry,

Another fantstic job. Can we expect the rest of the cast sometime in the future.

- ub52

03-03-2003, 01:19 PM
Looks fantastic Terry, really superb job :).

Max Wolf
03-03-2003, 02:21 PM
i think it was very well done

03-03-2003, 02:23 PM
You cease to amaze me Terry. First of all, do you work in the industry and secondly, what do you hope to do? I think you definately have a future in 3D.

03-03-2003, 03:45 PM
Thanks all.

ub52: I'm not planning to to any other trek characters at the moment. I've got a cellshaded character I'd like to finish and try some animation out with.

hrgiger: I've been a freelancer in the games industry here for ages. I'm still (self)employed but not under contract at the moment, hence my frantic portfolio building :)


03-03-2003, 06:38 PM
What sub-patch level do you render at, Terry? I`m always impressed with your economical poly cages.

03-03-2003, 09:34 PM
Oops, and I meant to say you NEVER cease to amaze me. :rolleyes:

03-03-2003, 10:31 PM
Originally posted by hrgiger
Oops, and I meant to say you NEVER cease to amaze me. :rolleyes:


this is awesome

right click

save as :)

03-03-2003, 11:33 PM
Great job Terry.:) The only thing that stands out to me is the crease on the forearms.

03-04-2003, 05:52 AM
Rory: The figure is at subdiv 3, which sounds to me like I forgot to crank it up. Works OK for that camera position though. The chair is subdiv 5. I try not to make it too high for render time reasons.

This model is just a variation on my goth base model, I changed the head geometry a bit, but the body is a smooth shifted/pulled version of that earlier model.


03-04-2003, 01:09 PM
truly inspired work!

great texture work, are they texture maps or procedural / plugins, I can image it took a while to make those tights look right!


03-04-2003, 06:30 PM
well i dont think it makes a different when i also say thats its just one of the best things ive seen since a long time... wow wow wow .. just wow...

i am deprimated again how good ppl can be...

03-04-2003, 06:40 PM
Thanks, textures are mostly procedural except for her face which is procedural + images. The console displays and button colours are UV mapped images (UV mapped so I could Radial Array the wall section and not have to re-texture each individual segment - the UVs get cloned with the mesh)

The tights are just a small squashed crumple (x:4cm y:100um z:4cm) on the bump gloss and spec channels, plus a camera incidence gradient to darken the edges.

Hardest thing to do was the wall/console, just because it's such a boring thing to have to model :)

Matt - nice work on that interface design BTW. I like it, although IIRC some users even complained about the button style change between v.5.6 an v.6.0, so if Newtek did adopt your design you might be moving in with Salman Rushdie :) (wow really topical reference there...)


facial deluxe
03-05-2003, 01:25 AM
Originally posted by TerryFord
Matt - nice work on that interface design BTW. I like it, although IIRC some users even complained about the button style change between v.5.6 an v.6.0, so if Newtek did adopt your design you might be moving in with Salman Rushdie :) (wow really topical reference there...)


Hahahaha Love that humor ! Have I said awesome ?

03-05-2003, 02:33 AM
LOL! :)

Thanks Terry, I doubt they'll use any of it, never had any emails about it from them.

03-05-2003, 01:06 PM
Terry just have to say how fantastic she looks,I am new to 3D and just bought LW three months ago.I have to say thanks to you and to everyone for reasuring me that I have the right package.Allthough when I read of your rendering setting and textures etc I am overwelmed at the skill that goes into making such an image .How long has it taken you to get to such an expert level ,as for me i'm just learing to make a vase with the lathe!! thanks Abe

03-05-2003, 04:51 PM
Thanks Abe. Welcome to the LightWave fraternity :). I don't think you'll be dissapointed with LightWave, it's still the best bang for buck around.

I've been using it since version 5.5 (about 5 years ago?). it was a much simpler program to learn back then :). I've learned a lot form just lurking around these forums and the Yahoo mailing list. Nothing wrong with doing vases, gotta start somewhere. I think my first "difficult" model was a Dalek :) but that was with DOS based 3D Studio v4 <shudders at the memory>

If you haven't bookmarked it already check out Flay.com, it's the place to find links to tons of LightWave tutorials and plugins. There are other great LW sites, but Flay is right at the top IMHO...


03-05-2003, 06:27 PM
Hardest thing to do was the wall/console, just because it's such a boring thing to have to model
ROFL:D I know what you mean: bit like T.D., back in school! Yuck:p

Best of luck with the other stuff we were talking about!


P.S. I tried to do a human in 3DS4, but it turned out looking like a Dalek too:)

03-08-2003, 07:14 AM
just wanted to mention that your set is excellent also. looking forward to some goth asian girls! LIVE LONG AND PROSPER.

03-09-2003, 04:17 PM
Nice work Terry!

Can you tell us about your technique for posing and adding detail...

Do you model a pose from scratch or do you bone the mesh and and export a rough pose from Layout prior to adding detail?



03-09-2003, 06:31 PM
ren, the model is built in a neutral position (da Vinci/Vitruvian style but with arms angled down 45 degrees), and posed with bones. I did the pose fairly early on, adding detail later. I don't build posed models, too difficult to texture and less versatile, not that I do lots of different poses, but it's good to keep the option...


03-15-2003, 12:57 AM
That is amazing...

I have a request, if you will take one. Any Chance of seeing a cell shaded version?

Amazing Work

03-15-2003, 06:51 AM
Thanks Rikturscale, interesting idea but I don't have much time to play around with it at the moment.


03-15-2003, 03:10 PM

you rock keep on going

(whats this about asian goth girls sounds hot!)


03-18-2003, 02:02 AM
Another great work from you as usual:D ;)