View Full Version : MacUB Sas (v9.6) vs FFX (v10.1) non-volume performance?

01-07-2012, 01:03 AM
I was playing around with Sasquatch in 9.6 this evening, and doing some comparisons to FFX in 10.1, and was kind of shocked how much slower FFX is (in either mode) than Sasquatch. Pixel filter (e.g. non-volume) FFX renders were taking a few minutes per frame where Sasquatch was taking a few seconds (and ultimately producing a better image quality w.r.t. to the fur produced).

I expected Sas to perhaps be a bit faster than FFX, but it was approaching sixty times quicker for fairly simple "fur on all of a sub-d object's surface" per-frame performance, which seemed... a bit extreme. Enough so to make me wonder if there's someone broken with my LW10.1 config that is severely hampering FFX's non-volume performance.

Anyone else done any sort of rough performance comparisons between Sas and non-volume FFX? If so, how did FFX's performance generally fare compared to Sas producing similar levels of result quality?


01-09-2012, 03:49 AM
So nobody else has done any comparisons of the perf. of FFX (in non-volumetric mode) versus Sasquatch?

01-09-2012, 04:20 AM
I don't think so SasQuatch supports multiple light samples per spot, and new light plugin class, (at the time it was made, they didn't exist) so whatever it renders, it's just 1 light sample per spot. Are you using Area lights, IES or DP Lights? If so, change them to default point/distant lights, and check again..

Another thing- are your SasQuatch renders casting shadows to real geometry, and so the same FiberFX?
Better turn them off, to have fair comparison. SasQuatch is probably using some special shader that needs to be added to real geometry. I don't know what FFX is using in this case. Is it casting shadows even if volume is turned off?

You can check if SasQuatch/FFX supports multi light samples per spot, by rendering first using Point light, Distant light and Area light. If result from Area light won't be different from Point/Distant (use some Photoshop subtract mode to be sure), you will have answer why SasQuatch is faster when using such light types, if FFX is supporting them.