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01-05-2012, 05:04 AM
ZBrush, we all agree it's a special industry standard app, so why the great vacuum of any kind of how too guide for making it work with LW. Can anyone point me to a good current step by step workflow guide or tute. I'm so disappointed with Newtek for not addressing this yet. I know they have GoZ now, but it's not even acknowledged over at the Pixologic site so someone needs to say something.
Anyway, the few things I've found so far are outdated and I'm not having much luck getting my displacements into LW10.1. I feel like I shouldn't have to be asking the community to help on this, support really should be coming from Newtek.
That being said, if anyone out there has got it to work properly it would be nice to have the process outlined.

01-05-2012, 05:36 AM
Firstly, I think giving time to the release of 11, we may get the usual, delectable delight from Mr. Warner on how best to make use of the combo;
Secondly, I think if you go find this piece of work that is on zbrushcentral.com and follow it, that you will have success.
Lastly, I think NT is depending on the knowledge of said tome to be used with goz. The big change being where you save out your object, with the little tricky back-to-the-first-level; instead, you goz back to lw.
I made the mistake of doing it at higher levels and got a BIG obj in my viewport. "Big" meaning lots of polys.
Check out Mr. Steve Warner's work, I believe it will be of worth to you.

(Insane speculation intimated: One has to acknowledge that the new zb is about to come out, right before they can/will finalize lw11. I like the timing.)

01-05-2012, 07:36 PM
Yes, I've got all of Steve Warner's stuff, but it's still a little dated so for a newbie like me, I'm never sure which of his techniques to precisely follow. I will go back over it all and keep trying since I'm about to commit to the purchase of ZB.
On the Pixologic site there is a link to the makers of GoZ, and in their documentation is a section for the apps that are planning to support GoZ. LW is not on that list, you'd imagine it would just take an email or phone call from Newtek to get that changed.

In any case LW 11 is going to be a later purchase for me so I just need to get it working with 10.1 for the moment.