View Full Version : Cool labeling solution

12-26-2011, 04:51 PM
Ever need to label several different items all at the same time where you need to show more than just a color? For example... if you took a bag of M&Ms and threw them against the floor and watched them fan out across the hardwood.... You could easily see which are green, blue, brown etc...

But what if the M&Ms needed to also have small labels attached to them, like who owned which one? (Steve, Mary, Jane, Richard, Lee, etc...) and on top of this, one person could own multiple M&Ms. How would you solve labeling these items, in an animation, while they were moving? In my last attempt to do this I tried something like this... http://www.trinsic3d.com/?q=node/4 but I would like to come up with a better solution this time, as I have more proteins that I need to show.

Has anyone ran into this issue before, and what solutions did you feel worked best? Thanks in advance!!!!