View Full Version : Autokey multiple items?

Ryan Roye
12-21-2011, 05:41 AM
Is this possible? Currently I'd like to take the keyframes of two nulls (one parent one child) and sync autokeying of them (IKbooster does not do this, I've tried). So, moving 1 null would create a keyframe for both nulls... this would allow me to assign timing to my animations more quickly.

12-22-2011, 08:07 PM
Could you perhaps, in more detail, explain the workflow you envision? For what reason do you want additional keys? Would moving the parent create the key on the child or vice versa, or should it go both ways!?

I imagine, because your example involves parent-child that you're perhaps after a quicker way to do overshoot and drag? By moving the parent, keys are automatically created on the children, enabling you to shift (retime) these immediately in a dopesheet!?

Ryan Roye
12-22-2011, 10:12 PM
Simple example:

I have two Nulls. Null 2 is parented to Null 1.
I move null 1 (normal or IKbooster) at frame 5 using any XYZ/HPB movement. This "autokeys" a keyframe. I set my autokey to "all channels".
Normally, Null 1 would get the XYZ/HPB keyframe at frame 5, leaving Null 2 without one on frame 5.
What would be cool is a way for autokey to be able to be applied to both the parent and the children of an item. This way, I could separate my controls into different nulls without adding more needed keystrokes/movements to manipulating items. In the example, I'd have to "touch" Null 2 with IKbooster to make it register an "autokey" keyframe, or manually select it and press enter (doing this a hundred or so times gets tedious).

There are instances for me in animation where the controls of one item are related to the controls of another item... a way around this is to utilize rotational controls to keep everything in a single null, but this adds a little complexity and extra keystrokes to the workflow. My ideal workflow in all animation is to make *everything* movable with a click-drag movement... which ~90% of the controls on my rigs are currently.