View Full Version : intel hd graphic card problém under lightwave 3D (dongled & licensed)

12-17-2011, 10:20 PM
it seems that the Intel graphics hd graph is a little difficult to display the interface of my 3D at NewTek Lightwave 3D.
Indeed, even with the update "specifically" a dedicated Windows 7, well the "interface appears, however, the orthodox view remain gray.
To my knowledge no installation problems, dongle recognized, admitted entering the serial number correctly.
tell me would know it may well be the most appropriate manipulation to solve my display problem.
according to NewTek LightWave 9.6.1 can run with 64MB of dedicated memory.
then maybe it would be well to allocate more memory to the graphics card?
I do not know am not coders.
thank you for this information.

The pirated version of lightwave 7 configuration operating at a pentium2 277mhz 32MB ram and graphics card s3 Virgin 4Mb.
I do not understand too much hardwares. ("_")

my computer:
toshiba satelite c660 22v