View Full Version : Selective Polygon Discoloration

11-25-2011, 09:10 AM
I understand that Modeler discolors polygons to give the impression of perspecitve according to the angle of incidence of light coming from some default light source in Modeler. Sometimes parts of polygons will flicker out of view because their vertices are not close enough to being coplanar and the pre-renderer has trouble deciding on how to display them. However, sometimes a polygon shows discoloration much greater than its adjacent polygons for no apparent reason. Its points seem to be very coplanar and the angle of incident light from Modeler's default light source are very similar to that of the polygon's adjacent polys. This is very frustrating as the discoloration even renders out in the final render. Does anyone have any idea about what is causing this phenomenon and how to eliminate it?

11-25-2011, 01:07 PM
For my understanding you don't have discoloration go give the notion of perspective. What you have is a certain lighting that is fixed to the view, so you can see differences in the diffuse and specular.

Now, in your case,
you have Smoothing happening. In the surface editor you have a Smoothing Threshold (normally 89.53) that will dictate how the gouraud smooth shading will be calculated.
Polygons under that value will be smoothed, so they're normals will be averaged and they appear as one continuous surface. Polygons over that value will looks faceted.

On that specific polygon in the mouth, you just need to lower the Smoothing value and it will be gone.

In other softwares you can also edit a Vertex Normal Map and set which edges are sharp, which aren't, but in LW you can only break the object into pieces, where you want sharp edges and set the smoothing to 179 for the rest.