View Full Version : List: Presets/textures library

11-22-2011, 11:06 PM
Could this be a good place to list all the Presets and Texture libraries for lightwave on the web?

Sofware like max and even Bryce contain thumbnail style browsers for saved presets. Lighwave doesn't really have that, so you need to load them first to view them.

I find it really helpful when I find a site that someone has put together to archive textures and presets with pictures. Custom scenes or objects often need to be made to create a good representation. This takes time and is hard to keep track on with a manual because the files are user-generated. But it would be really helpful to list all the 3rd party sites that do this. This would help all users, old and new, to help browse existing presets and keep track of developments in textures and presets libraries.