View Full Version : HELP me with OGL serious problem!

03-02-2003, 09:39 AM

I`m working with 2 workstations.
1. Intergraph ZX-10 [ wildcat 4210 ], W2K
2. Dual AMD [Gforce 2MX] [btw: faster than Wildcat], XP

I have a serious problem with making PREVIEW in Layout.
I can`t see it. Window stays empty.
During computing preview I can see everything clearly.
After that, viewport becomes grey and blank.

On Wildcat.
Everything was fine. and suddenly yesterday OGL crashed!!
I can`t see preview exactly the same way as on AMD workstation.

:confused: :mad: :(

help me please...
What application can make this problem? driver? codec?

I got Premiere6.5, 3dMax5, DigitalFusion4, and few more...

When I`m saving this preview as an AVI everything is ok. IT EXIST.
BUT Lightwave cannot see it... :(