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10-15-2003, 01:48 PM
I have heard about mirage a few times on the message boards but only just realised that it is in fact the next version of aura. Why has this gone out of house and does it mean that VT will no longer get any aura updates?

10-15-2003, 09:07 PM
Well, something can't really "go out of house" unless it was ever "in house."

The thing to remember is that Newtek did NOT create Aura. Aura was a licensed product from a French company that Newtek was the exclusive distributor of in the past.

Now Mirage is the next generation Aura being made by the company now currently licensed to develop it by the French company.

As for Aura, Newtek may develop it further, but this is their choice, within whatever their licensing agreement now is.

10-16-2003, 09:20 PM
AFAIK this 'French' (http://www.bauhaussoftware.com/) company is headquartered in San Antonio, TX and run by former Newtek employee Paul Ford and Dan Kraus... and Ralph Messana (from the infamous Don & Ralph demo team) is a sales rep...

Not sure where the French connection is but it must be there somewhere... TVPaint I guess?

10-16-2003, 11:10 PM
No, the French company would be in France.

They have LICENSED further development and sales of the product now known as Mirage to the company in San Antonio with the people you mention.

Yes, TV Paint is the origin.

10-17-2003, 04:37 AM
Paul Lara has hinted that whilst there will be no further development of Aura by TVPaint or Bauhaus that NewTek will continue to develop and enhance Aura for Video Toaster users.

Personally, whilst I applaud NewTek's efforts to keep Aura as a valuable tool for VT[3] users, at this point I'd like to see NewTek invest its time in a full replacement - Aura is an important component of the 'Toaster suite and I'd like to see REAL improvements and tighter integration between the 'Toaster and LightWave more than tweaks and bug-fixes...

From my perspective, part of the appeal of the VT[3] is that it's a pretty complete package - I can use the 'Toaster software, Aura and LightWave 3D to tackle most jobs and I don't want to get into a cycle of paying for upgrades as they're spun off from the T[3] i.e. Mirage, LightWave [8] etc... I'd rather drop my cash on a 'Toaster upgrade (even if there's a price hike) and get all the toys I need right there and then.

Here's hoping... :)

10-17-2003, 09:54 AM
Originally posted by Aegis
Paul Lara has *hinted* that whilst there will be no further development of Aura by TVPaint or Bauhaus that NewTek will continue to develop and enhance Aura for Video Toaster users.

Well, to add one more confusing heresay to the thread, I had heard (from a dealer on the east coast) that Aura is a "mature product" and there will be NO more enhancements/improvements/tweaks. If I remember him right, he said that Aura will still be part of the VT package, but that it is still licensed to the "French" company (whoever that really is...Bauhaus or TVPaint), and that Mirage is the grown-up version of Aura.

This guy's info (and a great description of the Mirage demo he'd just witnessed) helped sway us towards a Mirage upgrade/purchase.

But does anyone know the complete story, and can/will they post about it?


10-17-2003, 10:23 AM
My 2 cents is that Mirage is here now.
It does all things Aura does plus more. It's interface is currently the same as Aura's more or less.
It is faster and easier to use.
They are offering a great deal for VT owners now and from what I read they have some great tricks planned ahead.
People can stay with Aura and wait for it to be 'enhanced' (and clips to load ugh...) or grab Mirage and start using tools that are needed now. (Volumetric and point lighting, instant load of clips, no more field confusion etc)

bla bla bla, lunch break over
carry on...

10-17-2003, 10:54 AM
Well, I agree that Mirage is a good deal for VT/LightWave/Aura users but what I'm not keen on is tripling my upgrade budget.

For example:

I buy VT[2] for its integrated functionality - capture/playback, editing tools, 3D graphics and video painting (my work is mostly CGI special FX - no need for live switching).

I pay for a VT[3] upgrade and what gets upgraded? Toaster software - great!, full seat of LightWave 7.5 - Terrific! Aura? No change but I can invest for extra $$$ into the upgrade cycle of a separate (but markedly superior) product.

Now LightWave 8 is coming - it looks like it's going to be awesome but am I going to be able to upgrade? Probably, but if I spend $$$ on an upgrade is that money going to be wasted when VT[4] comes out with LightWave 8?

I'm not a studio, I'm a one-man outfit and every nickel counts. Now obviously I can wait for LightWave 8 to be included in the 'Toaster (and chances are that's what I'll do) but I am concerned about Aura stagnating - I certainly don't want to see 2.5b shipped again with T[4].

This said, I've got a lot of faith in NewTek - been using their products for years so this shouldn't be taken as criticism - T[3] looks great and I can't wait to upgrade (my copy arrives Monday). But this is a conundrum that has arisen due to TVPaint taking their product elsewhere and the inclusion of a full LightWave seat with the 'Toaster - something needs to be worked out for Aura and LightWave upgrades.

A case in point that affects me directly is that I recently picked up Cinematte for Aura - It doesn't work under 2.5b due to bugs in Aura (according to the developers) - their advice whilst waiting for NewTek/TVPaint to fix these bugs was to install 2.0 which I neither have nor could install as I'm running WinXP (and the single XP-compatible build of VT[2]).

Suppose the next version of Windows (Longhorn in 2005 or XP SP2, 3, etc...) breaks Aura? Then what?