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11-12-2011, 10:55 PM
::grrrrrr:: Seemingly after a hiatus, the updating between LWM&LW is the thing that bites me on the ***.

So, I keep getting layers in Layout that are empty of polygons, but have one point in them. It's become a regular housekeeping deal to run down the Scene Editor and clear these things out, like dust-bunnies.
(I think they arise as I create new TEMP layers in LWM, work with them for a while (cutters or rails, y'know), clear them out from whatever I was doing, and then flip over to Layout ....-although why they have ONE point and zero polys is a mystery to me. IIRC, it's a code-restriction.)

It's way too late in the game for LWM, but it would actually make a bit of sense if the DEFAULT state of a Layer were "not visible". Then we'd simply avoid the whole "but I didn't WANT Layout to see that!!!" scenario: only explicitly desired Layers would be made visible to Layout.

An OPTION in Modeler Preferences could be implemented as a radio button selection:

New Layers default to : {_}Visible {X} Hidden
Then users could make temp geometry to their hearts content, and it would never be sent to Layout unless specifically unHidden.

Having this option would allow users to continue as they are accustomed, or to switch to this new workflow.

A different solution is more of a Band-AidŽ: a Layout LScript that would run thru and delete all Objects (since Layers are considered Objects on the Layout side) that:

1) had ZERO child/parent relationships AND
2) were composed of one point AND zero polygons.
This would allow users to continue using null objects as pivots and such.

This lscript could either be run at the users discretion, or run deamon-style and intercept such layers constantly (athough that complicates the whole null-object procedure). Anyway, users' choice.

Has anyone written such an Lscript? My delete-finger is getting tired. :jester:

11-13-2011, 05:28 PM
Two things to keepKeep those pesky nulls from showing up in layout.

you'd have to remember to click on the black dot before making geometry on a new layer...


Shift N. It will create a new object and it will not be in layout unless you send it. you can multiselect layers across different objects so it works pretty well too.

11-13-2011, 05:44 PM
Since it's easier to ACCIDENTALLY add unwanted geometry to Layout than not, I'd like Layers to Default to hidden, or at least have the option to SET the default to hidden.