View Full Version : LiveText, Daktronics, and TCP/IP oh my!

11-09-2011, 04:11 PM
I have been wanting to do this for quite a while. Finally found the time. I have three of these little TCP/IP to Serial adapter boxes from a previous install that we removed. Kept walking by them on the shelf thinking, "I should be able to use those for LiveText and an AllSport"

Sena LS100 (http://www.sena.com/products/device_servers/hd_lite.php)

the LS100 is a Serial Server that translates TCP/IP into RS232 and back. All for a whopping $75 bucks.

Now that I have a Daktronics AllSportCG on my desk, I have had a chance to play with both together to bring the RS232 info from the AllSport into LiveText/datalink over the network. In short, It works. Surprisely well at that. I cannot see a difference in speed between the direct USB/RS232 adapter and this RS232 TCP/IP solution.

General Flow:

AllSport CG plugs into the Sena LS100 device with a DB9 cable (just one I had laying around, not sure if it is null or straight)
LS100 can be set for DHCP or fixed IP address. I went ahead and set it to a fixed address.
Plug LS100 into network.
Load Virtual Com software from Sena on my laptop with LiveText. Set up virtual com port at COM100 using port 6001 and fixed IP address from LS100
Open up datalink configurator and do the little dance with it. Luckily it went to 100 ( I can use any Com port I just picked 100 for the fun of it)
Open up LiveText and the normal AllSport codes are all there.

At the Venue, I will first try to just run the LS100 using DHCP and then probe the network with the SENA software to discover the IP address. If that doesn't work then I will bug the in house IT guy for a fixed address to assign to the LS100.

Gonna be really cool to just drop the AllSportCG and this little LS100 on the Score table without having to run 2000' of fiber or serial cable to the control room.

It is definitely nice when technology actually helps you. Just thought I would share this with you guys in case it could help someone get LiveText and an AllSport linked up when the AllSport is a long long long long way away from their LiveText machine.

Oh and I went ahead and tried it with my Laptop running on Wifi instead of Gigabit. Works just as well there too.
Pretty cool stuff.