View Full Version : Omega Timing System

11-01-2011, 11:21 AM
Has anyone interfaced the Tricaster with an Omega Timing System? I have a few bids out there that require a scoreboard-ish overlay of the live video feed. The system they use is Omega and I would have to merge the datastream from Omega with Livetext. Please let me know if this has been done.

11-01-2011, 05:22 PM
Two options come to mind. You could invest in the Score OCR program through Graphics Outfitters. You point a camera at a digital clock like a scoreboard or play clock and it does text-recognition and creates a datalink file for LiveText.

The other option to look in to... I produced a swimming/diving meet once and they used Omega timing systems. I didn;t realizeit until the meet was done, but if I had a spare laptop, the venue could have provided me with piece of software that would have taken the timing feed and display it full screen on my laptop, through the building network. I don't know what kind of delay it would have had, though. With the XD series, you could bring the laptop screen with iVGA and incorporate it in to a Virtual input.