View Full Version : did lw 10 install fail for this ?

10-29-2011, 01:34 PM
dear friends:

I recently installed sasquatch on my lw 9.6 machine.
Even though it works fine now, it did not work at first.
I did not know about this, but the number I gave to
Worley was the wrong number, so sasquatch did not work.
The number I gave to worley was the S/N number that comes
printed on the dongle. Is been so long i installed lw legit i did not
know which one is the right number. The right number I needed to
install sasquatch, is the 'dongle machine ID', and it shows when
trying to activate sasquatch.
So now sasquatch works, and I know the right number for the
dongle machine ID.
A few months ago I tried installing lw 10 upgrade, but it did not
work. Is it possible lw 10 failed because I did not have the right
number to activate? If this is the case, now that I know the ID
number, I might be able to activate lw 10.

Thanks !!!