View Full Version : Deflecting Rope

10-27-2011, 08:32 PM
I have been wrestling (to little avail) the following challenge:
A rope hangs down from a fixed point above and out of view of camera on the Y axis. The bottom of the rope is free.
Imagine now a character sliding down the rope with his hands. The rope above him would be taut and vertical. The rope below should swing about and, importantly, deflect sideways either on the X or Z axis (or both). What's making this difficult for a Lightwave lightweight like myself is deflecting the rope so that the part of the rope below the deflection point moves as a unit. Is there a way to magnetically attract or repel parts (bones) of an IK chain? While the Collision Dynamic deflects a rope mesh ok, it won't deflect the section of rope below collision sphere. After two days I'm just about out of ideas (and sanity).
Any suggestions would be tremendously appreciated!