View Full Version : HVs Bugger Up GI (LW 10.1)

10-27-2011, 12:15 PM
Has anyone seen this happen before (see this mov ->> HV_Buggers_Up_GI.mov (http://chrusion.com/public_files/HV_Buggers_Up_GI.mov))?

Whenever my surface HVs flow via baked PFX, procedural textures become animated (easily seen in the Smokey texture used on the front slats of the machine and Turbulence on the ground). It looks like Animated Cached GI might be flickering at bit, too. Horizontal streaks/tears are also being rendered while HVs are being rendered (on and off screen). NONE of the textures have any keyframed properties.

First time HVs have done this and I've rendered other scenes of various machines using the same textures and environment with HVs without such artifacts. Any ideas?

10-27-2011, 06:21 PM
The rendering has progressed on this animation and it's clearer now that only the procedural textures, all of them, are being affected by the rendering of HVs, NOT GI, so the subject is incorrect.

Just tested in Layout and it's happening there (F9), too, so it's not a network (screamer) issue.

OK... found it!

In the HV panel, if Blending Method is checked and Blending Mode and Blending Group are set to None, then proc. textures "animate" and streak artifacts that align horizontally with each HV particle are rendered.

Since I'm rendering gravel, no blending desired, so I turned off Blending Method and all artifacts are gone... at least in the single frame just F9 rendered.

Will have to see if this is the case in a simple test scene so I can package it up and Fogbugz it.