View Full Version : Job Opening - Chief Engineer for America's #1 Webcaster

10-26-2011, 12:24 PM
America's leading producer of collegiate sports video webcasts has an
immediate opening for a Chief Engineer.

About our company:

Formed in 2005, we've quickly become the most prolific producer of
webcast sports in the country. Our client base is a who's-who of
conferences and associations. Year over year growth of nearly 100% is
attributable to the quality and innovative nature of our staff and
technology. This year, we'll provide administration of, oversee or
directly produce over 1000 events for both the Internet and

2 or 4 year degree in electronics. BSEET desired.
5+ years in the broadcasting industry
Certifications in networking or accreditation a plus.

Self motivated, self actualizing...nearly obsessed with broadcast electronics.
Mastery of Newtek products.
Fundamental understanding of TCP/IP networking and administration.
Knowledge base of broadcasting products including cameras,
switchers, routers, computers and ancillary equipment
Understanding of HDSDI, fiber transmission, RF and audio.
Experience troubleshooting systems using scopes, meters and electronic tools.
Articulate. Must be able to interact with clients and fellow
employees communicating effective solutions and ideas.

Job Description:
The CE serves as the technical resource for 10+ producers and multiple
sub-contractors who use webcasting configurations ranging from flight
packs to remote production vehicles.

CE is responsible for engineering solutions using leading edge
technology mandated by our client base. The CE serves as the
Engineer in Charge on our largest and most visible productions and
must be able to logically wire venues, quickly repair or replace

The selected candidate will be present during multiple national, state
and conference championships nationwide. Travel is required during
select months of the year.

Contact me via private message if interested.