View Full Version : New York: Javits Center

10-17-2011, 07:41 AM
Hey, Just got back from New York. The Animefest/Comiccon was Awsome. Strangely enough Thursday was the las day of the CCW show of which Newtek was in attendance. Incidentally I tried to pry some info about the November news. Although they insisted that it was 11-11 and not 11-10. When I said that this implies to me that the open beta for 11 would be announced, they didn't say I was wrong. Although they wouldn't confirm anything either.

In other news (that may or may not be related). I went to visit the Teddy Scares booth. Proton wasn't there, but apparently he had a really good reason. I would say what I know but I don't know if it is a secret or not. Maybe Proton will say something himself?