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10-14-2011, 06:28 AM
Recently, I was asked by a friend and co-worker to edit a short music video for his wife's hair care company, Belle Cheveux. The video was to provide a brief overview of the event she held to roll out a new Australian-based hair care product line called "Evo."

In keeping with the upscale urban feel of the product, her company rented a local warehouse for the event. Decorations were made with a graffiti feel to them, and the stagecraft was handled by another co-worker of ours from IATSE. The video was shot by yet another co-worker using a professional Panasonic camera.

When I saw the raw footage, I decided to create a virtual set for the video with video boxes created in LightWave staggered and set on a black, reflective "floor" and the same black reflective surface used for the "ceiling.

Each video box was surfaced with video of a "walking" shot, as the photographer entered the warehouse showing the decorations leading into the event.

The camera rig for the animation was simple: a single camera parented to a null object. The null was used for moving between the various video boxes while the camera itself was rotated as needed. The moves between the boxes were timed to coincide with the moves the photographer made between subjects. TCB keyframing was used to give the camera moves an organic, urgent feel.

The opening graphic was modeled in LightWave using normal displacement of the 2D image that was also used to surface it. I used only a single spotlight on the open graphic and each of the video boxes to produce a vignetting effect of each object.

Render time of the uncompressed AVI file from LW 10.1 64-bit was roughly 3 and a half hours for a finished sequence of 28 seconds. Final editing was done in Avid Media Composer 3.12 on my laptop.

My friend and his wife were both really pleased with the results.

Here is a link to the finished video on youtube:


10-17-2011, 03:16 PM
yeah those first 25 seconds are nice. The rest.. well you had to be into hair products to like it :D

10-18-2011, 05:36 AM
My daughter at the DAVE School is already modeling better than I am (after only 3 full weeks there), but I've still got the animation thing over her. :)

I had started to model the product bottles for the reveal shot at the end of the animation, but when I saw how many they were and that I wasn't getting paid that much for the job, I said screw it. Still, the bottles I did do turned out pretty nice. Here's one of them.

I used Drill>Stencil for the evo logo at the bottom of the bottle, but UV mapped an actual label from a hi-res product shot for all the other text on the label.

Thank you for the comments, Probiner. :)