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10-07-2011, 12:03 PM
I've got object-1 connected via FX Linker to partigon emitter-1, the object is cloned 23 times. I parented 23 of the clones to one of the objects, so I can control the heading of all of them.

Then I did the same thing again with object-2 and partigon emitter-2. This second set enters the animation about half-way through.

Both partigon emitters are driven by wind effectors set to 'path'. First wind-1 flies along, then it is joined by wind-2. At this point all 48 objects intermingle. Regardless of the relative position of the wind effectors, the two sets of linked objects all end up in the same general vicinity--which is what I want--one mass flying along.

The trick is to set the two wind effectors' keys close to each other without having one emitter's set of objects overlap those of the other emitter.

It seems that if the wind effectors are positioned too far apart on the same key, some dynamic of the relationship between the two emitters creates unsightly 'jumps' in the movement of an object. Is this correct? Do the two partigon emitters affect each other?

Also, I'm guessing that when Calculate Dynamics is pressed, there is a difference if the objects linked to the emitters are hidden or not. The calculation goes so much faster when the objects are hidden, I'm assuming it's only calculating the particles.

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LW 10.1 64-bit; 8-core Mac Pro 2010; OS 10.6.8

11-01-2011, 09:05 PM
I discovered that it isn't enough to 'Clear' a particle motion that's been Calculated and loaded into a scene. To get a new start with particle Dynamics you've got to delete any xyz keys connected with FX Linker objects too. Fortunately for me, 23 of my objects were all parented to one of them. This way there is only one object that's getting keys via Dynamics. In the cases when I did this it was always the end of the day, so I'd reboot and start fresh in the morning. I'm guessing that if you wanted to keep working it'd probably be necessary to re-load the scene to get LW to clear away all the remnants of the previous Dynamics.