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10-13-2003, 04:49 PM
I've been using Bodypaint(a 3d UV map/Paint application) with Lightwave. I've posted some premature negative conclusions about Bodypaint. I take nearly all of it back; Bodypaint is a very capable program and it works very well, once you get used to Maxon's paradigm for controling the variables involved.

The issue: as I understand it, Modeler and Lightwave communicate in a more or less "live" way via the Hub. What Objects are to Layout, Images are to Objects. Images are "referenced" by the Object file and the Content directory. Objects are similarly "referenced" by the Scene file and Content Directory. Since there is not a "Hub" to handle images, there is not yet a way to edit an Image in another application(like Bodypaint or Photoshop) and have the changes update the Object in both Modeler and Layout in a similar 'live" fasion.

The reason I mentioned Bodypaint, is that I use it while Modeler is open. My method in particular is to paint a given attribute in grayscale,but in bodypaint I paint in the color attribute, even if I intend to use the result as a bump, specular or reflection map. This way I can directly paint the amount of an attribute and see it in black and white. (sorry for the pun)

After sending the painted object back to Modeler I copy the color attribute to the attributes. I then save this Object file with a different name. I resume painting the previous object in Bodypaint. The reason for such a complicated workflow? Its actually simpler than other methods. The reason is because I often use a UV map as an alpha along with shaders. Sending and object with a complex series of shader and image maps back to Bodypaint results in a mess. By keeping a version of the Object that has images only in the color attribute, I can paint the desired value of an attribute. The image files used by this object are also used by the other object, with the complex arrange ment of shaders and maps. A change to the first objects' maps will also affect the second object. By working this way with two separate objects, I have a lsevel of control and flexibility I couln't get with just one. The problem is, the second objects' images dont always appear properly when reloaded into Layout.

Anyway, I realize all of this may sound a bit convoluted, but this workflow is for me at least, much better than using one version o the object. If Lightwave had a Hub to handle images, this all might flow better.

Incedentally, Maya has a couple plugins/Mel scripts that allow for "live" communication between Photoshop and Maya.


10-14-2003, 12:24 AM
I think there is no limitation to do a simple script or plugin to achieve what you're looking, I'm not completely sure if this is possible or easy to do. A "texture hub" could be very complicated to do but a "reload textures" button should be easier.

It is a pity that Lscript is more complicated of the necessary, this way many non-programmer users could learn quickly how to build small tools.

10-14-2003, 12:36 AM
Originally posted by Titus
...It is a pity that Lscript is more complicated of the necessary, this way many non-programmer users could learn quickly how to build small tools.

My thoughts exactly, plugins used to be sooo easy when LW whas still using Arexx on the Amiga as Arexx is a basic like language.
Lscript is probably more powerful, being based on C, but definitely more complicated for the non-programmer.

Sorry if I went too far off topic :)