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10-02-2011, 11:17 PM
Last year at CES we used LED 3x 1x1 LitePanels, but honestly they just did not have enough power to overcome the lights in the convention center. I need to buy some new lights this year.

Our broadcast booth is 10x20 with standard LVCC convention center overhead. I figure I need at least 3 florescent panels with 4 bulbs each to get the light volume I need.

Any suggestions?

10-03-2011, 09:10 AM
For the NewTek booth at NAB and in the Press suites we used the Elation LED panel called the TVL2000. Similar to the LitePanels but with fully mixable color temp output 3200 to 6500 degrees. DMX control is also built in. All at a price 1/3 third the cost of the LitePanel 1x1. We didn't use the TVL2000 on the main stage because of the 30' throw distance but they worked very well to wash the back wall and demo pod area. They worked extremely well in the press suites which were using them in situations they were designed for. We used 3 for the postNAB tour setup also and we actually many times had to turn them down at 20' throw distances.

I sold many of the fluorescent setups into studios but now it is all these. When compared output to output these new LED fixtures are on par with the Florescent. Combine that with the ruggedness of the LED versus the florescent and it is a no brainer.

With a small booth setup like that, these fixtures will do you perfectly.

Here is a link: