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10-01-2011, 01:19 PM
Hey all,
I'm a total noob so bear with me. I got Screamernet all setup and so far things are pretty cool, but for some reason my scenes are still using object/myObjectName and the screamernet clients dont like that. I can go in and manually make the changes to the scenes and then the screamernet clients will render just fine. I'm actually a software developer by profession so I am working on my own screamernet Interface and client application(that is what is tweaking my scene file). I was wondering, when using Screamernet and network sharing, is my scene still supposed to be using the object/myObjectName format or should the network location be in the scene file? I can work around it with code, but I was just curious as to why I was having this problem. oh yea, here is the cmd that I am using to render a frame or frames
lwsn.exe -3 -cX:\Config -dZ:\RenderTest\Scenes -lZ:\RenderTest\RenderLogs\Log.log Test.lws 1 1 1

If I dont modify the scene file, the log will tell me that it cant find the objects, If I make the path in the scene file have the full UNC name, it will render the file just fine.

Thanks in advance,

10-01-2011, 01:37 PM
Just guessing, because I am only using lwsn -2. It might be directory structure error.
You have Z:\RenderTest\Scenes and then you have Test.lws directly there, with folder Z:\RenderTest\Scenes\Objects\... ?
Because proper project structure should be:
Projects/[scene name]/Objects/
Projects/[scene name]/Scenes/

So, when scene is loaded from
Projects/[scene name]/Scenes/[scene name].lws
Relative path in format Objects/[object name].lwo
in reality is:
Projects/[scene name]/Objects/[object name].lwo

So, try in the first place:
lwsn.exe -3 -cX:\Config -dZ:\RenderTest -lZ:\RenderTest\RenderLogs\Log.log Scenes\Test.lws 1 1 1

then try:
lwsn.exe -3 -cX:\Config -dZ:\RenderTest -lZ:\RenderTest\RenderLogs\Log.log Test.lws 1 1 1

BTW, always use ", otherwise your network render manager won't work with paths with spaces..