View Full Version : Make preview does not respect timeline?

09-30-2011, 01:06 PM
I am working on an animation involving a particle system and the particle system needs to run for about 3 seconds before the start of the animation so that every thing looks right from the start of the animation onward.

I have done this by setting the start time to -72 (3 seconds at 24fps), assuming when I do an f10 render I will render from 0 to end, and everything animation-wise will work properly.

At one point I did a make preview, changing the start frame within make preview to 0 and make preview reset the timeline to 0 (it still showed -72 on the left, but the 0 point of the scrub bar also moved all the way to the left), and as a result the first 3 seconds of the preview animation are the particle system initializing instead of already being in progress.

I've been assuming when F10 (and make preview) that the animation system would start at the beginning (-72 in this case), and run the animation forward only skipping the actual rendering until it reached the specified start frame in F10 settings and in make preview. If F10 doesn't work this way, it doesn't bode well for only trying to render parts of animations, or is it only a problem with a negative first frame in the timeline?

I suppose the other way to do this might be to use a fixed negative start frame in the particle emitter(s)?

p.s. Just experimented by setting make preview to start at +72 (3 seconds in) and it did the same thing: move the beginning of the timeline to +3 seconds, and started the particle system at +3 seconds.

09-30-2011, 07:31 PM
Calculate (aka bake) your particles first, Save the motion as a PFX file, then do your preview.