View Full Version : Quicktime vs MPEG2 Recording with Lower 3rds

09-30-2011, 12:08 PM

So I have a lower third with a red cross in it from the "American Red Cross".

I recorded 2 records on the 850 EXTREME. One PGM in "Quicktime", and the other PGM in MPEG2 Compatibility.

Check out the video. The Red Cross turns green on the Quicktime recording.


Ideas?? Quicktime error? Version 3 of the software.

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09-30-2011, 01:28 PM
Man that is weird because it seems to be something to do with the luma and I am speculating here because as it fades off and gets dimmer, it turns red for a fraction of a second. If I go to the 22 sec mark of your video it is red so my guess is the white surrounding the red is somehow doing some strange clipping thing.
If you play both clips and observe through the waveform monitor, is the Quicktime M-JPEG MOV hotter?
Again just speculating but I see it go red when it dims, starts to fade off.

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