View Full Version : Help with particles

09-28-2011, 06:52 PM
Need Help with particles. I used to have this setup but lost the files in a hdd crash.

Basic setup: two space ships shooting at each other. with turret mounted weapons {blasters, plasma, ballistics, Lasers}. The turrets are IK controlled, and the weapon fire is in most cases a particle emitter firing single particles per key.

The problem: I can't get the on collision particle dies and emitter2 Fires 100 particles in a small explosion {fire ball for ballistics, bright energy pop for blasters, Turbulence Fluid plasma fire for plasma}. I just cant remember haw I did it before {the hole resin I saved presets}.

So can someone help me set this up again or point me to some free tutorals about particle emitters, particle fluid FX.

Thank you for your time.