View Full Version : Object conversions

09-23-2011, 03:17 PM
I want to sell models on turbosquid. What im looking for is to sell them in as many formats as possible, 3dsmax, blender, maya, etc.

1. I have been trying to get things into 3ds max, although all of the materials change to a 100 percent specular value. Im using a fbx to get them into max. How can I import the object with the same specular value as in lightwave? The transparency or reflection doesnt seem to be transferred to max either.

2. How can I sell objects in 3d formats for programs that I dont own? And know there going to work inside the program? Just wondering if theres a way.

3. Can anyone recommend a file conversion software that works really well? For under like 200.00.

Thanks for the help!