View Full Version : Tricaster in Dubai

Helder Conde
09-19-2011, 05:05 AM

I'm the technical director of a Brazilian company specialized in Webcasting services and we've quite experienced with using Tricaster.

One of my clients is planning an event in Dubai in the third quarter of 2012, in which we would need:

- 1 Tricaster (SD or HD)

- 3 Cameras with Component or SDI outputs (no need for super high-end broadcast quality)

- 1 42-inch LCD monitor

- 1 26-inch LCD monitor

- 1 green screen kit (for a TV News-like setup, for 3 people in a desk)

- 3 notebooks

- Lighting kit (2 or 3 LCD lighting devices)

- 3 lavalier mics + 1 hand mic

- 1 camera operator (one is enough for all cameras, which will be side by side and completely still) + 1 tricaster operator

The webcast would happen for only 2 hours, from around 7:30 PM to 9 PM (Dubai Time), during 3 consecutive days. I'd be there myself, as a producer, aligning everything with the client and the technical team.

I'd appreciate if someone from Dubai area could provide me an overall quote for these services. No need to be highly specific at this time. We just need to assess whether this is doable or not for them, in terms of costs.

Also, I'd really appreciate if you could give me an idea of the costs I'd have to hire a dedicated 10 Mbps connection in Dubai, for this particular project.

Thanks in advance!

Helder Conde