View Full Version : Schematic view organization - Suggestion

09-19-2011, 03:56 AM
I wanted to offer a suggestion with regard to the scematic view - adding groups.

There are a number of issues with the scematic view which makes it difficult to use despite being a very useful tool when working with complex scenes. I primarily work with non-organic scenes so I can't offer an insight into using this for characters but I suspect that it might also be very useful.

As an example, one of the scenes which I'm working with at the moment involves an inflatable tent-like cube which is made from several seperate panels per-side. Each panel is a seperate object, either cloned or a stand-alone object which is indiviually animated to fly into position, mold around objects and weld into position. I have parenting applied within the scene to keep certain objects 'attached' to others but, when it comes to tweaking keyframes etc., I would like an easy way to select groups of objects. For example, rather than attempt to lasso-select all of the 'top' panels it would be easier to assign all of those panels to a group which I can select with one click.

For a character perhaps all finger bones could be assigned to a group which could then allow them to be rotated at once to 'grip'...Maestro has this.

Another problem with the current schematic view is that labels disappear when zoomed out making selections and viewing difficult...groups would also help this.