View Full Version : Audio Mixer changing

10-12-2003, 10:04 PM
I use my VT almost exclusively for editing. However, I needed to switch from a live source to the timeline. But every time I do, the settings on the audio mixer change. So, I'll set it up the mixer just like I want it and then click on a different source on the switcher while recording on my Beta machine and as soon as I switch, the audio mixer changes - specifically it takes all the imputs down. Quite frustrating. Any suggestions will be appreciated, and I'm willing to admit that I've not read all the manuals.

One other question, is it just me or is anyone else feel like the VT3 doesn't do as good a job on Chroma Keying green screen footage as the VT2? I'm having a hard time getting the footage as clean as I could get it in VT2. I've read that DV footage is harder to get a clean chromakey, but I was doing much better on my VT2. Thanks for responding