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09-14-2011, 12:28 PM
We are planning on running SMEDGE to handle networked rendering for LightWave, 3ds Max and AfterEffects, and wanted to see if any of you kind folks could shed some light on the below.

We have seven workstations currently networked, all running Win 7 Pro 64bit. We want to use all of these as modules, but may be able to convince our boss to buy a dedicated blade on the server to aid in rendering. Are there any concerns about adding the blade to the 7 workstation mix?

From what I’ve read, all of the render modules need to have the software (LW, AE, or 3ds) installed, but it does not need to be a full purchased seat. Is that correct?

We got BackBurner when we installed 3ds Max. I’ve read that you can get AE to render on BackBurner; can LW render on BackBurner, too? Is there any reason to use BackBurner over SMEDGE to handle all of our rendering?

**Additional Questions**

Can SMEDGE leverage multiple processors to calculate operations besides renders? Specifically, a cloth sim in LW or a fluid sim in Blender?

Is there anything to consider with running 64bit workstation modules in concert with a 32 bit blade server?

Has anyone used SMEDGE 3 – 2.3 with LW10.0, 3ds Max 2012 64, or AECS5.5? Any gotchas or concerns worth noting?

Any help is appreciated.

09-14-2011, 01:45 PM
I'll just hop in and answer the few I know:

-You don't need LW on all nodes, LW is great in that way. Not sure how Smedge does it, but BNR for instance grabs a lwsn.exe and plugins etc, tosses them on a shared dir and voila. The nodes just read that, real simple. Updating to a new LW version is therefore only a few minutes work. Smedge will be similar. No clue how AE and Max do it though

-Afaik, you can't get Smedge (or similar) to help on ClothFX etc. Heck, ClothFX doesn't even do multithreading... But if you do find a way, let me know :)

-Someone in another thread posted today? that they got LW working on backburner.

09-14-2011, 01:48 PM
Thanks for the fast response. I will do some looking for that LW-BackBurner thread.