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10-12-2003, 05:36 PM
Aura Hangs when I try to Import an image.

FYI, VT2 Build 3890 no previous problems before in any module.

When I launch Aura, a windows dialogue box appears at 39% loaded and tries to open a LWVD.dll file located at C:\VideoToaster2\Plugins\aura\preview. I selcet the file or cancel the operation and Aura opens. I can load the image as a project but it locks when I try to Import an image or sequence. It LOCKS at the file requester dialogue box.


10-12-2003, 07:32 PM
From: AURAVT now wants a LWVC.dll path (http://vbulletin.newtek.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=3559&highlight=LWVD.dll)

Open Aura
When the requester opens up goto [YourDrive]:/VideoToaster2/plugins/Aura/Preview
Load LWVD.dll
Open the Preview/Lightwave Filter
close Aura [and save settings]
After that it should take and you will no longer get the requester .

See also: Aura's LW filter (http://vbulletin.newtek.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=6760&highlight=LWVD.dll)

10-13-2003, 09:12 AM
Thanks! That cleared the filter load upon launch but did not cure the "hanging" on image import.

10-13-2003, 10:02 AM
Ah Ha! Changing the type of file requester from Aura to regular Windows did the trick!

No more hanging!

Scott Bates
10-13-2003, 12:01 PM
Forgot about that little bug. There are apparently certain file types that will hang the Aura file requester if they're within the directory you're accessing. The one I know causes it in my case is Paint Shop Pro's "pspbrwse.jpf" which is the index file for their thumbnail browser. As long as I use the Windows file requester I have no problems. The bug was long ago reported and Andrew was going to look into it, but haven't heard anything.