View Full Version : Applying ClothFX settings to all other objects

09-14-2011, 04:20 AM
I have a rather big scene consisting of many interacting spheres, using ClothFX. This goes rather succesfully, but there's some jitter etc and I generally want to vary the parameters of ClothFX around. The problem is that it has to be done object per object.. which takes very long for every variation test. Is there any way to get this automated?

I'm considering both external scripting, that applies to the .lws file and just swaps out the ClothFX settings for a given new series for all the objects in the .lws file.
Or internal Lscript? Scripting that does it on the fly in the scene, applying the settings of the currently selected object.

Before heading in, are both options possible, did I overlook a simpler solution?