View Full Version : VT2 Final Output Video is Blurry

10-12-2003, 05:13 PM
Greets to all

I have finally resolved all issues with my VT2 System now when i
press play on the Toasteredit .. and i press record (using program out for recording) everything works well but my S-VHS Tape program is slightly Blurred (tiny details like grass)

what can i do to fix this please thank you..

Using a JVC Tape deck (new) and high grade s-vhs tapes

Jim Capillo
10-12-2003, 06:03 PM
A few questions......

What codec are you using for capture, rtv ?

What are you using for output to the deck, S connector, composite cable ?

Are you looping the VT output thru anything before it gets to the deck? (I'll assume you are using SP speed....)

What is the type/quality of the monitor ?

How does it look if you feed it directly into the monitor?

If I remember correctly, resolution on HI-8/S-VHS is around 400 lines. You are bound to get some resolution loss in the recording/playback process, but without actually seeing what you are describing, it is hard to say if it's normal or not.

10-13-2003, 07:58 AM
SVHS is notorious for killing the grass and turning it into the giant green orb with nebulous edges....

The high frequencies required for things like grass are simply out of SVHS's range.

Even Beta and MII have issues with grass occasionally...

DV and all its kin will butcher fast-moving grass because of the compression artifacting.

I have simple joy in going to product demos with my own tapes to test compression artifacting.

Think organic shapes and busy non-vertical shapes. Like blowing grass in the morning fog.

That'll make DigiBeta barf all over the place... but I digress...

You are pretty much stuck with the resolution of the tape/compression you are using.

At least its better than VHS!

But, if you originated on a higher than SVHS quality tape, and the output of the VT on a high quality monitor looks cruddy, then you might have other problems.

If it looks good on the line out, and the playback looks icky, odds are its the tape.