View Full Version : OGL Camera Clipping Distances

09-12-2011, 11:31 AM
It seems to me that there's a change in the way post-LW 9.x is rendering clipping distances in OGL viewports.

For example, I setup a scene with a 1000m dia sphere (aka a planet) and place it at 0,0,0, a sun object that's 3 times larger, but 10 Km away on Z, a star image mapped sphere scaled up to enclose everything, and finally a Voyager probe that measures 15 m or so.

With Fixed Near Clip Dist OFF in Prefs, I'm able to see all large and distant objects, but Voyager, that's 5 m away from the camera, is half "eaten" away by what I assume is an automatically adjusted NEAR clipping plane. OK, I get that. So, I enable FNCD and set it to 1 m. Now the craft isn't clipped until I get, well, I suppose closer than 1 m, then it starts getting clipped, BUT when I enable FNCD, now all of the distant objects get clipped!!


The term fixed NEAR CLIP means NEAR, not FAR. So, HOW do I get the best of BOTH distances? There is no Fixed Far Clip Dist. and no matter how small or large the Grid Size is, far objects remain clipped.

Seriously, why is a 30 Km difference in scale consider too much for LW OGL to handle? I could understand if we were talking a MILLION or more to where we reach OGL floating point precision, but I'm no where close to that range.

And to be clear, RENDERING is NOT affected at all by this 30K:1 size ratio... just OGL.

Any tips/tweaks/hidden prefs to "fix" this?