View Full Version : Is there going to be a fix for European letters?.

09-08-2011, 01:20 AM

The newly introduced feature of having no support of european letters( ) is provoking my hair glams and ergo Im loosing hair.

I do workplans for gyms, and I generally do a 3d drawing in lightwave first and export to eps.

Now..when I try to save the eps in lightwave 10 in a folder with those european letters in it,(the folder has the letters) It wont be saved.
just an empty folder.

If I create a folder without those letters, the file will be saved as it should.

now this is most annoying and the same goes for saving out files with european letters wich gets screwed up, and equally annoying when loading objects with surfaces having equal letters...sometimes it cant find the proper structure of images etc.

I sure hope for a fix, and I wonder why Newtek broke this former working"feature"?

I could go back to lightwave 9.6 and work from there, no problems at all with the ,, letters.
But I believe you Newtek guys would want me to work with Lightwave 10.1 right?

Yeah I might be able to try and keep it pure non european letters, but not
a very comfortable workflow since there are a lof of names and stuff that originates with those letters.