View Full Version : Two great software for 3d pipelines?

09-04-2011, 06:01 PM
I have kinda fallen in love with a simple and effective software called teamviewer... I use it mostly for 3d work as I can monitor my rendering at my office while the rendering is ... well... rendering... and it is great to collect files and so on in cooperation with dropbox cloud hd drive.

This is my best saver from fprime hangups while rendering, I can start the render again by pressing do not send error message to newtek and then continue even from mu iphone...

I can put files in here and work with the files from all places... one can even add the drive as a shared letter and then lightwave will get the files from that synqed drive.

Just something I find extremely helpful almost every day these two solutions.

And the best thing you can start with them all for free.

Your PAL