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08-31-2011, 10:26 PM
I got a new machine, and am trying to move files over from Wxp via a crossover cable.

I can't BUH-LEEEEVE how hard it is: the OSs are from the same f*****g company! :devil: Apparently it's a well known issue, but FFS!

Anyone got any tips for this operation?

08-31-2011, 11:39 PM
File sharing from both os are on? Both PC should come out of network neighborhood instantly when connected then its a matter of making shared folders.
Are you using a router, hub, switch, etc?
Never had problems when its windows to windows, any version, even with different workgroups.

09-01-2011, 12:12 AM
I hate networking with Win7. It's obnoxious.

It's like "Hey! Let me help you with that!", "Hey!, you really need to do that this way!", "Hey! That's not secure. You shouldn't do that. So, I'm not going to let you.", "Hey, You have media on this machine and you said you wanted to turn on file sharing so I'm going to share your media automatically."

Just Effing stop it already! There was nothing wrong with the networking the way it was.

09-01-2011, 04:03 AM
Ive got no probs with win7, vista, and xp all on the same network. (with the exception of getting remote desktop control of the XP machine on the 7 one).


I only use the basic networking sutff (workgroup settings/name). Make sure ofc that all machines are part of the same workgroup, Ive had difficulties in the past trying to have mroe than one workgroup going.

As for the win7 doing what it think is best... maybe the version ur using matters, Im on ultimate (cant speak for other versions)... Also... I always turn off/kill UAC, security centre, win firewall, auto updates, and all of that stuff... kill it, totally switched off.

Incase you're unaware... some things dont switch off "fully" when you turn them off in options/control panel... to get them off completely, go to the "Run" command/tool and type "msconfig" which brings up a nice lil window. Then in services and startup sections you can uncheck the processes and tools that you dont want to be run automatically.

09-01-2011, 11:07 AM
And make sure you "unhide" the Administrator account so you can turn it all off there as well. Otherwise the hidden account will continue to download updates and whatnot.

09-02-2011, 09:47 AM
for some reason our win7 machine can't see the other machines on the workgroup, even after we turned on network exploration, so we type the machine's name directly on a file exploring window with doble \\ at the front of the name. Then we make a shortcut so we don't have to do it again.

09-06-2011, 11:13 AM
Update: once I turned off Norton, which was overriding the Network Discovery settings (I didn't even install Norton, how the heck did it get in there???) I was able to get one-way communication between the two machines. I still get permission errors on SOME files, but I think they tend to be in folders that Windoze manages to some extent, like "My Documents". Generic, user created folders seem to travel without a problem.

P.I.T.A., bigtime.

09-06-2011, 12:14 PM
Ive got no probs with win7, vista, and xp all on the same network. (with the exception of getting remote desktop control of the XP machine on the 7 one).


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