View Full Version : 3Play Export Over-Modulated Audio

08-29-2011, 01:44 PM
Hi All,

This is our first time using a 3Play with embedded audio in SDI. I don't have the unit in front of my since it's busy during the fall sports seasons, but we are having a problem with the audio being over-modulated when we export clips to a hard drive.

When playing back replays during our sports broadcasts, the shotgun mics on the replay channels sound great coming FROM the audio OUT of the 3Play INTO our audio mixer. Even if we record our pre-taped open into a 3Play channel and play it back live, that sounds great.

However, if we use the Export Tab feature to export those same clips to an external hard drive, the audio is over-modulated on the file. It sounds horrible when played directly in Windows Media Player and in SpeedEDIT2.

Please see the attached screenshot in SE2. The left clip on the timeline is the over-modulated export from the 3Play and the right clip is that same clip played out of the 3Play, into our audio mixer/TriCaster, and recorded there.

A video clip (so you can hear the audio) is located here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhGPr1O-qq8). The first sound byte is the over-modulated 3Play clip and the second is played from the 3Play, into the TriCaster, and recorded there.

Do we have a faulty 3Play or do you have any suggestions as to why our audio is over-modulated upon export from the 3Play? I'm just checking here before I call tech support.