View Full Version : daft but very simple request

10-11-2003, 04:48 PM
When clicking on a "T" button, it brings up the image/gradient/procedurals panel

When shift clicking, it removes the texture.

So far so good...it would be a real useful little feature if you could alt click on the T button and it toggle/disables the texture - so you can check for the differences with and without the texture input without having to delete the whole lot - like the solo/shy layer feature in something like after effects. You can then alt click/click to turn it back on.

I know that you can do this by disabling the layers from within the texture dialog itself, but that involves at least two more keystrokes - one to open the dialog, and then how ever many clicks to turn off the layers. Plus by the time you've turned off say 10 layers, you'll have forgotten what the version with them looked like!

Whadya say?

10-12-2003, 04:57 AM
yeah! I was wondering exactly this yesterday, toggling an alpha bitmap which controled bump on a limited region of my surface, it would have been very useful to see toggle results on Viper with a simple click!

Hope anybody's hearing this!