View Full Version : Tracaster Latency: Genlocked vs. Wild

D Lacey
08-24-2011, 01:50 PM
What is the best case latency in frames for a Tricaster TCXD300 in Live mode input to output? And how much worse does it get (in frames) when using three cameras that are not genlocked?

Trying to minimize the delay between live show and switched video provided to video displays.

Signal flow is:

3 cameras-SDI->Tricaster

Tricaster-YPbPr->Danube 8x16

Danube 8x16-Cat5->Cat5toYPbPrConverter


08-24-2011, 02:52 PM
I did some intensive testing and found that it is hard to drop the delay below 3 frames.

But have in mind that projectors, displays, SDI active distribution amps and even cameras can produce delay.

For example - we use Panasonic HPX500 cameras a lot. They have a 1 frame delay between "real picture" and output if they run in interlaced mode.

Almost everything below 3 frames (100ms) is acceptable to the human eye. 3 frames delay is on the borderline. But if you use nongenlocked cameras you will mostly end with 3-4 sometimes 5 frames of delay.

I will post some screenshots of my delay tests soon.