View Full Version : HALP! Can't CG over ChromaKey in VT[2]

10-11-2003, 12:55 PM
Okay, follow me on this. I'm doing a live chromakey. I've got S-Video punched up on Key and Preview DDR is on Main. Chrom akey or Crosskeyer is on. When I hit record in capture, I get the image in Program Out and every thing is fine. Then I try to add ToasterCG. I start ToasterCG and type in a super. Then I go back to the switcher, the Downstream Key is on and set to CG. Now in Program Out I see the S-Video image with the chromakey working and the CG super over the video. It all looks fine. I go to Capture, hit record.... and instead of getting the Program Out output I get the output from Main, which is the DDR image with no CG. I've checked the output options in capture and they are set to Program Out.

What's wrong? Is there some hidden preferences file I'm not seeing? Do I need to do something with Genlock? HALP!!!!!